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Our Aims & Objectives

To undertake whatever may be deemed necessary and feasible for the preservation, propagation and practice articles of faith among Shias and Muslims in General.

To provide facilities conducive to the educational, economic and social welfare of Shias and Muslims in General.

To propagate, inculcate and promote understanding of Islam and Islamic values according to the teachings of Jaffari School of Thought.

To preserve and promote greater harmony and understanding with the members of the other faith and other communities at large in very peaceful manner.

To engage and encourage the youths in the affairs of running the community and to inculcate the sense of belonging to the community and making them feel proud to be part of Khoja Shia Ithna-Ashari Jamaat Melbourne. And to guide the Youths in Career choice and path.

To provide financial assistance and voluntary services on humanitarian grounds to needy people within and outside Australia.

To provide for and to facilitate the needs of the seniors of the Jamaat and to look after their welfare and social life.

To provide Islamic marriage, counselling and divorce solemnizing services to members of the community.

To open and run a professional modern madrassa with the best of technology, effective teaching method and the best of the best teachers.

To provide and facilitate Islamic funeral services for members and other Muslims in need of such services.

To build the community as one big family with social and religious activities to uplift the friendship and understanding of this unique family.

To engage in Generation Plan project with KSIJ World Federation in protecting the future generations and to ensure we survive through the economics of the time by having proper plan and structure in place for generations to come.

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