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Jafari Education Melbourne (JEM)

KSIJ through Jafari Education Melbourne (JEM) projects have successfully conducted 8 weeks Summer holiday Madressa program in 2017 and multiple learning quizzes and socio-religious programs in the past. 

Jafari Education Melbourne will be closer to ever-increasing Community population in the inner western suburb of Tarneit. The curriculum will be developed & delivered by experienced individuals who had extensive experience in the upbringing of kids in Western society with the involvement of expert Educationists and with the use of modern aids.  


Jafari Education Melbourne (JEM) envisioned a Community Language School (CLS) to teach Urdu as the next phase to teach the language, morals, knowledge, and personality development of our kids and youth.  The emphasis is more on speaking and understanding Urdu as their mother tongue.

The CLS is located in the ever-increasing community’s population in the inner western suburb of Tarneit. The curriculum is based on the contemporary language school syllabus developed & taught in schools in the sub-continent over several decades but delivered here by teachers who have undergone schooling &/or completed university here in the West or have extensive local / overseas teaching experience and with the use of modern aids.  

The JEM Community Language School (CLS) which was envisioned as a full year
weekend school to inculcate Urdu as a language to retain & maintain roots with the culture of the countries of the sub-continent that the members of the community belong is now running successfully for the last 2 years starting Feb 2022. KSIJ which runs and manages JEM is an Incorporated Association since 2014 & is a registered NFP charity.

Currently JEM is operating out of Dianella Community Centre on Sundays between 9.00 am & 1.00 pm concurrent to the school calendar. KSIJ acknowledges the Wyndham Council & the management of DCC.
Currently the school has 100+ students with almost the same number in the waiting list likely to join in the 2024 Academic Year when KSIJ hopefully is successful in hiring another campus for which school principals, community centre and also the local Member of Parliament have been contacted.

As in all activities, KSIJ believes in best practices and similarly runs JEM to meet all
industry standards & fulfilling state & federal criteria. Other salient features of JEM are:

1) Public Liability Insurance of 20M as a Multicultural Society
2) Enrolment forms with VSN
3) Attendance marked every week
4) Permanent & Exclusive Community / Council Premises
5) WWCC of all teachers, volunteers & committee members
6) Bi-Annual PTM (Patent Teachers Meeting)
7) Bi-Annual outdoor events for kids
8) Annual prize distribution
9) Registered Nurse & more than one trained First Aid teacher / volunteer on
premises every week
10) ‘Train the Teachers’ professional learning annual program for teachers delivered via a combination of classroom & online
11) Supervision of children during arrival, handover to parents / guardian at finish and monitoring of children’s during breaks by volunteers
12) Following all child safety standards

13) Contact us on JafariEducation@ksijmelbourne.org.au



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Vision of Jafari Education is: “Support parent’s role of providing education to children from highly trained and continuously developing teachers using contemporary teaching methods in an interactive and inspiring environment in order for students to become good community members and make positive impact on the society and be confident in their principles and practices.”

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