Jafari Sports

Jafari Sports 

Home Ground: Edward Reserve, South Kingsville

VISION Statement

Our vision is to provide a platform to the members of the community to participate in healthy physical activities and provide equal opportunities in different sporting events especially to our younger generation.

 Goals and objectives

  • We have created this forum under the management and guidance of KSIJ Melbourne to participate and organise different sporting activities & events.
  • This year, we are aiming to form a hard-ball cricket team under the banner of ‘Jafari Cricket Club’. Based on interest, we can also form more than 1 cricket team, if required.
  • Our next step will be to have a junior cricket team as part of our club where kids under 17 and under 15 will be given opportunities to play under JCC.
  • Going forward, we have plans expand this platform to other sports like table tennis, badminton, swimming etc.
  • We are also willing to include our community women to be part of this venture. We want to organise sporting events for women where our sisters will be given a secure environment to indulge in healthy physical & sporting activities.
  • Finally, we want to create a sporting club which is self-sustainable.

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