Jamaat 2017 – 2018 Plan

Disciplined Madressa (Jafari Education subcommittee formed)

•        Short school holiday course in Dec 17 to Jan 18

•        Madressa from April 18 for Prep to 2

•        Increase a class each year

•        Quarterly teacher training mandatory

Settlement & Employment Services (subcommittee formed)

•        Establishment stage

•        Announce services world wide

•        Establish job seeking forums

Youth Activities

•        Organise debating competition

•        Organise sports games

•        Make arrangement with local pools for private female only and male only sessions.

Lady scholars

•        Invite a lady scholar

•        Jamaat hold female only majlis Ashra

Funeral Arrangements

•        Aim to provide FREE funeral services

•        Form subcommittee

•        Establish a funeral team of men and women

•        Organise training

•        Setup checklist and arrangements

Quarterly Family gathering events

•        Establish subcommittee to manage events

Opportunity to network with worldwide jamaat members

•        Consult other jamaats and hold Skype meetings

•        Share resources and support each other