2nd Khoja Shia-Ithna Ashari Jamaat Melbourne Indoor League 2021 Cricket Tournament

Khoja Shia Ithna-Ashari Jamaat Sports Committee is excited to launch the “2nd KSIJ Indoor League 2021” that is being held from today 07th February 2021 and we are a few hours away from the launch. We would like to thank all the sponsors for sponsoring this tournament and thanking Mr. John Almond at Hoppers Indoor Sportz to host the tournament at their premises.
The following teams are participating in the tournament:
1) Alamdar – Br. Areeb Rizvi (Captain)
2) Jorra Zulfiqar – Br. Arif Rizvi (Captain)
3) KIA Team Hai – Br. Haider Raza (Captain)
4) LCM – Br. Sadiq Rajani (Captain)
5) Melbourne Strikers – Br Maisam Lakhanie (Captain)
Do stay tuned to KSIJ Melbourne Facebook page as we will be live with the opening presentation, toss of each match, match innings, and man of the match presentation.
Location of the tournament is “Hoppers Indoor Sports”. We invite all to come along and enjoy the matches.