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The month of Ramadhan has been singled out for special worship (`Ibadat) and exclusive favours. It is a month unlike other months. One reason for this, as defined by the Qur’an, is because the Holy Qur’an was revealed in this month. Says Allah in Sura al­Baqarah: The month of Ramadhan, that in which the Qur’an was sent down; a guidance for mankind, and clear signs of guidance and distinction (2:185). In fact, according to a hadith of the 6th Imam (a), the other holy books were also revealed in this month.

There are a huge collection of duas and amaal in Mafatih and online. At times it gets overwhelming and the thought of searching for duas to recite sometimes leads to losing concentration and motivation. KSIJ Melbourne has put together the main amaal in an easy to follow sheets based on each day and night of Ramadhan. The first page of each Amaal sheet has list of anniversaries of the day, a summary of amaal/duas and approximate time for completion. For the days that has a number of Amaals/Duas, we had divided them into two versions; long version and short version. This will allow momineen who are busy, have kids or lack of time can at least perform the important basic amaal each night.

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